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"I think I've always had the bug—Growing up wanting to do something on my own and create something." - Kriti Sehgal

After college, Kriti held a medical research job and was on the path to med school, but what she wanted to do was start a business.

In her spare time, she co-founded a frozen yogurt shop, which didn't work out and left Kriti with little to show for her efforts.

Kriti learned from her experience and is now a co-owner of Pure Fare (@PureFare), a brand of health-conscious fast casual restaurants she opened with her twin brother, Kunal, in the spring of 2011.

Pure Fare has won the award for best guilt-free lunch by Philadelphia Magazine and this summer already opened a second location.

Part of the Pure Fare brand is My Fare, a proprietary online tracking tool which allows you to keep track of what you eat throughout the day to help set and achieve personal nutrition goals.

You'll hear Kriti discuss the importance of feeling connected with your creation, how to keep your fears on the sidelines, and that sacrifice is not a dirty word.

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