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"Being realistic is a silly thing. You should swing for the fences and go for the bigger or better thing." - Shane Snow

Shane Snow has a really cool name. He also has a really cool story.

After college, Shane moved to New York to become a tech journalist. Without any credible experience to build on, Shane's goal was to be published in Wired within a year. By using his technique of non-traditional ladder climbing he made it happen in 8 months, and now is regularly published in Wired magazine.

Shane's also the co-founder of Contently a tech startup which has figured out how to create a marketplace to match the growing number of freelance journalists looking for work with the growing number of companies looking to hire them.

You'll hear Shane discuss his effective use of non-traditional ladder climbing, the precious role of integrity and how going for what's bigger or better is always one step away.

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