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I always said I didn't want to be a lawyer because I didn't want to work as hard as my Dad [Laughs] but now I realize it's not just because he's a lawyer - he works for himself - and so I'm going to be working just as hard but when you find something you love it makes it worthwhile. - Pamela Kalmus

Since she was little Pamela has wanted to do her own thing. Doing what exactly, she didn't know.

That's all changed as Pamela is the founder of Mani Diaries, a manicure management iPhone app which she launched September 2012 and now has 36,000 users!

Pamela's created Mani Diaries without any partners or any previous tech experience and while holding a full-time job.

Just a side note that I actually knew little Pamela as we were neighbors growing up in New Jersey.

You'll hear from a first-time tech entrepreneur who has funding on her mind on what it's like to be in her shoes and the courage it takes to have a dream.

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