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"It's not logical to turn down the big private equity salary and start building a non-profit out of your apartment in the East Village. But it's the thing that I knew I had to go do." - Adam Braun 

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Adam (@adambraun) was on the path to working in finance. That all changed when as a junior in college Adam went on a trip to India which instilled in him a desire to help others and make a quality education available on a global scale.

In 2008, two years out of school and with $25 in a business account, Adam launched Pencils of Promisea non-profit that has now helped build over 200 schools in the developing world.

Adam is also releasing his first book, The Promise of a Pencil, published by Scribner and available in hardcover and e-book at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

You'll hear Adam discuss his journey to creating and building Pencils of Promise, the importance (and shortcomings) of passion, and how the one thing holding you back may be your biggest opportunity.

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