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"I'm breaking rules. My company is breaking rules. Even the type of CEO I am - I break rules. I tend to walk in and I look like the intern, or something else, but I'm not, and I'm actually about to blow you away and you're going to be giving me a check or two." - Rodney Williams

Rodney (@rodneybwilliams) was born deaf and started his first business at a young age renting out kids magazines to parents at his mom's hair salon. Rodney has gained his hearing is now the co-founder of LISNR which uses in-audible sound technology to create new ways for brands to interact with  customers and has attracted clients such as Budweiser, Roc Nation and Sony and recently raised $3.5 million in funding.

You''ll hear Rodney discuss his path to building a 22 person team, the confidence that comes from being confident, and that if you're thinking about going after your dreams, stop thinking.

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