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"Don't be the guy that sits there and goes 'Oh I have this great idea, but if, or maybe...' It doesn't matter. Just go out and try. It might take you 20 tries, but it will work as long as you're ambitious and you have that element of perseverance." - David Goldberg

David has always wanted to sell.

Out of college David worked at CNET where he honed his ad sales skills but became eager to leave corporate America.

His chance to build a company would come in 2009, when David, his brother Ari and business partner Albert co-founded StyleCaster an online fashion platform which now attracts over 5.5 million visits each month.

In this episode David hints that StyleCaster was finalizing something big. It was announced last week that StyleCaster has acquired Daily Makeover, the #1 beauty technology in digital media.

You'll hear David discuss what he thinks has been the key to StyleCaster's success, being openly motivated by money and that the hardest sale to close is the one to yourself.

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