Prologue Profiles

Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews AJ / Skater & Videographer (Vimeo) / Trader Joe's, 23rd & 6th, NYC.

"How'd you get into skating in the first place?"
"Through Mark Gonzales, The Gonz, the most legendary skater of all time, he changed skating once it collapsed with the marketing industry, he just came out of nowhere and just sparked it and became a legend, he's still skating he's like 50."
"And when was this?"
"I was about 10 years old and it was 2005, I was cruising around with my cousins around Tompkins Square Park, aka known as the TF, short for 'training facility', it's a big open field where we just chill out, zone out and we focus on our tricks and we just do as we please and I was just cruising along Tompkins and I all of a sudden bumped into him and he was like with his quirky voice, 'Hey if you're interested in skating I'm gonna leave my board at Autumn skate shop if you want to pick it up or something, I don't know it's up to you, I don't want this thing it's dead.' [Laughs] And that's just skating right there, that's how you always start off, you preserve, take advantage of what you got and you work your way up."

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