Prologue Profiles

Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Anatalie / Beauty Salon Entrepreneur (@TheHairRoomJC) / Groove on Grove, Jersey City.

"When was the moment when you decided to create The Hair Room JC?"
"Well my boyfriend had a lot to do with it - shout out to Steve - it's been on the back of my brain, I've always considered myself a better boss than an employee and I always wanted to have my own salon and I guess through me bitching about it to Steve all the time and he knew Kristina was in the same boat and they'd been friends for awhile and so he was like, 'Why don't y'all sit down and talk to each other you both want to do this?' Because I've tried it on my own and it's just impossible to do something like this on your own and so we sat down and literally every idea and path that we had for the salon was so in parallel with each other that we were like, 'This is going to be an amazing partnership.'"

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