Prologue Profiles

Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Neal / Web Marketing Product Designer (Bounce Exchange) / Bryant Park, NYC.

"I hated [working in finance]. It was the worst. Really long hours, it wasn't very fulfilling, I didn't care for it and I didn't like a good portion of the people I worked with. I was always looking for a way out."
"So how'd that play out?"
"I thought about staying in finance in a different capacity but ultimately I found that I wanted to go out there and venture on my own and do the startup thing. I think I'm more of a person that likes a little bit of an unstructured environment where I get to make a lot of decisions."
"When was the moment you decided to leave your finance job?"
"It was on a trip that I took to Africa, in 2012, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro [Laughs] and I realize that I never had spent so much effort into a singular goal as I did to climb that mountain and if I had the ability to work that hard and I wasn't doing it at my career than I should be doing something else. I quit three days after I got back."

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