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Karden Rabin, 27, is a man with a strong sense of confidence. He also has a passion for helping people feel their best. Karden's combining these qualities by taking on the risk to co-found the tech startup, Wellcast, which has the potential to revolutionize the health & wellness online education industry.

Hear Karden's hyper-articulate take on fear, failure and where his confidence comes from, all that and more on this episode of 'Prologue Profiles'!

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Abdi Farah the Season 1 winner of Bravo TV's 'Work of Art'. 

In this in-depth interview Abdi lets us into his world. We hear about the moment he knew he had would it took to become a professional, what his typical day is like and what his frustrations are as an artist. My favorite part is when Abdi talks openly about when his faith is tested (which he says happens 'all the time').

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Stuck in a job that you find interesting, but your heart isn't in it? Then you can relate to Jonna Davis'  story. Jonna left the corporate world to pursue a career with more meaning. She's now a project director for charity: water, traveling frequently to Africa and Asia.
Hear her story, including what she thinks are some of the biggest misconceptions in the non-profit world in this week's episode of 'Prologue Profiles'!

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Wondering if you can pursue your creative passion while having a full-time job? Meet Katie Skelly. Katie has recently had her mini-comic published into a graphic novel while holding a desk job.
How'd she get started? What's her work/comic balance? Where does her confidence come from? All that and more on this week's 'Prologue Profiles'!

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