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Yara Travieso's a multi-media artist. Follow me here: she's a Julliard-trained dancer and choreographer who combines video and music to create avant-garde pieces which she directs and produces herself.

Through her uncanny ability to fundraise, her pieces have already been presented in Lincoln Center and the new Frank Gehry building in her hometown of Miami.

We hear from an artist who admits she's completely consumed by her work, her grand plans for her latest project, and how burning out is part of the process. She's 26 years old.

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Andrew Tejerina has pulled off what many dream of. In 2011, Andrew left his desk job at Foot Locker and joined his college friend to start a digital marketing company called Trip20...with Foot Locker as one of their clients. You'll hear Andrew describe what it's like to strike out on your own and how he's backed up his saying of "whatever you're handed in life, don't squander it."

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Faiyaz Amlani loves what he does - playing golf. Faiyaz is a professional golfer who already has a mini-sponsorship with Nike. You'll hear from a young professional athlete who's striving to be the best in his industry, and how presence of mind is a key to success.

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Christina Nicodema, 25, is an animator who's worked for Nickelodeon, Fox and PBS. She wants to also make her own work and has decided to direct her first ever stop motion animation short.

In Christina's episode we hear from an artist about to embark on a major project that she's never done before and talk candidly about the importance of maintaining optimism in the face of fear.

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Asif Khan's carved a satisfying role for himself in the corporate world as a brand strategist. He entered the marketing world at the bottom, with zero contacts and it took him 4 jobs in 6 years to get to this point.

Hear Asif's strong opinions how he navigates the corporate world and how the way to find more satisfaction in your job may be to leave it.

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