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"For the first time in my life, I'm giving credence to all those guys who showed up at my high school when the teachers were hungover, telling us to do what we love and the money will follow." - Brian Trunzo

Brian (@nytbro) is a lawyer who wanted out. Last summer, he started a fashion blog called The blog caught the attention of the fashion world and he soon found himself flying to Italy for trade shows.

Less than two years after launching his blog, Brian will be leaving his law job to open Carson Street Clothiers, a menswear retail shop in New York City he co-owns with his law school friend/business partner.

You'll hear Brian discuss his journey from law depression to fashion obsession, the benefits of fearing failure, and how there may be more to yourself than you know.

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"I operate my life like a startup. I learn a little bit and I make a new decision based on it, and I test something else out and I keep iterating until it's perfect." - Rameet Chawla

Looking for a way out of his finance job, Rameet (@rameet) decided to use his tech expertise and work for himself.

...He never looked back.

Rameet's company, Fueled (@fueled), which specializes in making mobile apps, has grown in the past year and a half from 8 to 56 employees.

I spoke with Rameet at midnight and was naturally very tired, but Rameet was on. It turns out we were in the middle of his second shift of work, which ends at 3:30am—every single night.

In this extended interview, Rameet discusses his path to 56 employees, his very a-typical typical day, and how the answer to your future is within yourself.

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"You don't know what your comedic voice is until you use it." - Molly Austin

Molly is a comedian. Last Fall Molly co-created EmotiStyle an online show about fashion with her comedic partner, Shamikah Martinez.

Less than a year later EmotiStyle's YouTube channel now has over 14,000 subscribers.

You'll hear Molly discuss how she decided to leave her job to focus on comedy, what it takes to find your voice, and how your fears can be all the drive you need.

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