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An hour from now I'll have a horrid thought about how horrible I am and how [awful] my writing is and then I'l just get back to square one. So I think it's just fighting myself, how hard will I fight myself to get things done? - The hez of Travis Tate

Travis is currently at Stage 2 on the Escalation of Actualization scale. He knows he wants to be a successful filmmaker but hasn't gotten his dreams off the ground.

The only thing in Travis' way is hez, which is hesitation as a result of being scared to take action.

Travis gives Grade A excuses like:

• I want to know my style better

• I need a mentor

• I'm not confident

• I want to change things up and move to a new city

• I don't have the right ingredients

• I hope the day comes when I'm ready

• I'm excited now but I'm going to sabotage myself later

• And the all around classic, I don't know

After our conversation Travis is now on his way to making his original web series, Black Mountain, where he's created 2 teasersa fundraising page and most importantly, has begun to film.

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If you're willing to sacrifice, nothing's impossible. - Brendan Weafer

As a kid Brendan was a blackbelt in martial arts.

Brendan's now a professional fighter who's trained with Jackson MMA, one of the top team's in the world and in 2012 was casted to compete on FX's The Ultimate Fighter show, all while developing his own personal training business

You'll hear Brendan discuss how he honed his craft as a professional fighter, including some graphic play-by-plays, the importance of being present, and that the only step to take in life is the next one.

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