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"Nothing mattered to me anymore but what I wanted." - James Dumapit

After several false starts with college and struggling to follow his passion of screenwriting, James was living with his parents in New Jersey and was unsure about his direction in life. 

James switched up his situation when he turned his attention to his hobby - cooking - and created a whole new path for himself.

In 2009 James moved to Austin to attend the Texas Culinary Academy and soon began working at Uchi, a James Beard award-winning Japanese restaurant. Earlier this year James became a junior sous chef at their new restaurant, Uchiko and has had his own items featured on the menu.

In this interview conducted in Austin, you'll hear James discuss his path from career frustration to self-creationthe perils of perfection, and that if there's something you want to do, you should probably go do it.

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"Being afraid is part of the job. If you're not afraid of anything then you're probably not pushing yourself all that hard." - Kathryn Minshew

After college Kathryn worked at McKinsey but she quickly knew management consulting wasn't for her and started looking for something new. Kathryn was frustrated with the available job search tools and realized she wanted to create a career resource of her own.

In September 2010 Kathryn launched her first attempt called PYP with 3 partners including Alex Cavoulacos who she had met at McKinsey. PYP didn't work out and in August 2011 Kathryn, Alex and Melissa McCreery, also from McKinsey, launched The Muse a website that gives you a look into the careers and companies you're curious about.

The Muse now reaches over 1 million users and features video profiles of companies such as Facebook, Gucci and Pinterest.

You'll hear Kathryn discuss how she turned her career confusion into a source of claritythe importance of polite persistence, and that sometimes the best opportunities come from failure.

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