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"I love the momentum. It's almost like a drug for me." - Nathaniel Ru

While at college Nathaniel met his future co-founders, Jonathan Nemen and Nicolas Jammet, and the 3 of them wanted to create a destination for healthy eating. In 2007, during their senior year they did just that with their launch of sweetgreen - a healthy fast food eatery in Washington DC.

Six years later sweetgreen now has 20 locations with their most recent expansion in the NoMad hotel in New York City.  Along the way the trio have also created the sweetlife festival which this year had performances from Phoenix and Kendrick Lamar.

You'll hear Nathaniel discuss how they got sweetgreen and sweetlife off the groundhow to overcome having zero customers, and that if you're going into the unknown, that probably means you're on the right track.

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"I'm never going to do something that doesn't matter. I have to be able to reach people and make them feel great about themselves." - Tasha Ong

In lieu of college, Tasha worked for her family's barbecue restaurant in Florida where she discovered her knack for customer serviceTasha took this newfound skill to her next gig at a spa where eventually the clientele started seeking out her styling advice.

Tasha realized the value in her style opinion and in 2007 she left the spa to create her own path as a personal lifestylist with a clientele that pays her to help them look and feel their best.

You'll hear Tasha discuss the many facets to being a lifestylisthow she went from barbecue slinging to boutique shopping, and while you'll always have fears, you'll always have yourself for support.

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"I'm 27 years old and doing what I want to do every day - [it] shouldn't be like that - I should be working for the man. And that thought in the back of my head is my biggest fear and it's also what motivates me to keep being better and do what I do." - Josh Senior

After college Josh struggled to find work in his major of international relations, it was then that he decided to point his career towards his passion for video post production.

Over the next 4 years Josh went from unemployed dreamer, to company employee, to independent freelancer, to the leader of a team of freelancers, to now the founder of Senior Posta digital post production house located in Dumbo Brooklyn with clients such as Vevo, Levi's, and Nike.

You'll hear Josh discuss how he used his passion to drive his careerthe motivating effects of fear, and that success is not a one man band.

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