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Generation Y has tons of reasons to not pursue their dreams: there's no clear path to success, it's too risky, people are telling you not to go for it.

Prologue Profiles brings you the stories of those choosing to ignore these reasons and go after their dreams anyway.

I'm proud to present to you the following 'Generation Why Not' montage using footage from the 2014 season of Prologue Profiles. I hope you enjoy!


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"I just went for it." - Raquel Furtado

While studying to become a nurse Raquel developed a thyroid disorder and was sentenced to a life of daily medication.

Switching to a whole foods diet Raquel fully recovered and in 2012 launched her own juice business called Pitanga Juice.

In the spring of 2014 Raquel raised $50,000 on Kickstarter and is now looking to open her own storefront in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

You'll hear Raquel discuss how a life-threatening disorder led to a life-changing career path, the encouraging signals of success and that reaching the next level has nothing to do with your comfort zone.

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"Just keep testing." - Michael Roderick

After college Michael worked as a high school teacher learning how to...teach and became a theater producer on the side where he learned how to raise money. In 2010 Michael listened to his passions and took the leap to teach his own networking workshop. He hasn't looked back. 

Michael is now a connector where he helps people grow their business by growing their own personal relationships.

You'll hear Michael discuss he connected the dots to become a connector, the power of experiments, and that if you say you want to get to the next level you're also saying you have a lot to learn.

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"Everything that currently pays my rent has started out with the idea of being a hobby."

In 2005, while in college, Joe made a web-series with his friends that caught the attention of national press before YouTube even existed. Joe has gone on to build a career for himself out of making viral videos and is the co-creator of CDZA, a YouTube channel with nearly 300K subscribers.

Since our interview Joe has recently become the head of digital development of Conde Nast Properties. 

You'll hear how Joe rides the wave of his curiosity to create a career of his own, the importance of finding the right team, and that to see something that you've never seen before, you may be the who has to make it.

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"It's riskier to me to not do something that you love." - DJ Kalkutta

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"I just want to know: What am I capable of?"

Originally from California, Andrew competed on a national level in both snowboarding and soccer when an unexpected injury forced Andrew to find a new path.

Andrew chose to explore the world of mens style and in the summer of 2013, along with Daniel McRorie and Kyle Mosholder, founded Knickerbocker Manufacturing Co., a vertically integrated menswear company based in Brooklyn.

Oh and he’s 21 years old.

You’ll hear Andrew discuss how he used a setback to set him on track, the importance of doing your research, and that doing what you love means more than how you feel about it.

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"The people that sit and follow the rules aren't the ones that make the history books."

After college Jess was working at an ad agency but knew that a desk job wasn't for her.

In August 2013 Jess decided to create her own path and left her job to become the founder of For The Good, an all-natural bath and body company.

You'll hear Jess discuss her path from trends researcher to soap maker, the unexpected benefits that come from following your dreams and that if you're on the fence about going for it, get the heck off.

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"I was just like, 'If not now, when?'"

Taryn thought she wanted to be a fashion designer, but in college realized it wasn't for her.

While working full-time at Macy's corporate she stumbled upon something that lit her up: Nail art. 

Better known to her 525K+ Tumblr followers as Miss Ladyfinger, Taryn is now a full-time nail art entrepreneur, collaborating with brands such as Maybelline and Seven Jeans.


You'll hear Taryn discuss how she found her fit in the fashion world, the importance of not stopping, and that  if you're wondering when to start...start.

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"Follow one course until success."

John has a podcast. But it's not just any podcast.

John is the creator and host of Entrepreneur on Fire which since its launch in September 2012 has put out a new episode every day - including weekends - and now with its multiple streams of income including e-business he's built on top of his show is bringing in six figures a month in revenue

What? I know.

In this Skype interview you'll hear John discuss his path to podcasting domination, the importance of self-belief, and that if you think success is in your future, it will be.

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"You want to make something and see if anybody else out there gets it."

After college Andrew had no plan for his career and became an IT consultant. But he had dreams of making something he was proud of. 

Andrew is now the co-founder, along with partner Johan Lam, of 3Sixteen, a high end denim and clothing brand that sources its own fabrics from the Kuroki Mill in Japan and which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Andrew and Johan are also the co-owners, along with Kiya Babzani of the New York and LA outposts of Self Edge, a premium menswear boutique.

In this interview conducted at Self Edge New York in the Lower East Side, you'll hear Andrew discuss his path to creating a custom fit career, the importance of strong support and that to get what you want in life, you gotta just go for it.

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"It's not a competition, we can all be successful." - Franchesca Ramsey

After college Franchesca started creating videos on YouTube. Five years later in January 2012 she uploaded a video that changed the trajectory of her career when she added to the Shit Girls Say meme with her own contribution, Shit White Girls Black Girls.

Millions of views later Franchesca, known to many as Chescaleigh, is now a full-time video blogger.

You'll hear a YouTube celebrity discuss her journey from 0 to 10 million views, the importance of following what you love, and that with all you have going for you already, what's there really to be afraid of?

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"You are your own greatest deceiver."

Vinny is a magician.

I could stop right there, but he's also a theatre creator and this past spring put on a 25 show run of latest show Charlatan, at Ars Nova in New York City.

You'll hear Vinny discuss his path to making the most out of magic, the power of visualizing success, and the biggest trick to pull is the one on yourself.

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"When your life is in your hands you just look at things differently."

After college Loren's next move was to figure out what her next move was when unexpectedly she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. 

During her recovery Loren immersed herself in her passions of health and nutrition and is now the founder of Sweet Loren's an all natural baking company, available in Whole Foods and Fresh Direct.

You'll hear Loren discuss her path from dealing with illness to spreading wellness the magic that happens when you align yourself with what you love and that when that voice inside you is trying to tell you something, go head and listen.

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"Basically my plan was I just keep going until I really have no money and I'm really living on the street and have to go do something else."

Since high school Frequency has wanted to work in music.

Twelve years later he is now the the producer of Eminem's  #1 hit single 'The Monster' featuring Rihanna.

In this interview conducted in his studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn, you'll hear Frequency discuss his path from DJ'ing school dances to topping the Billboard charts, the essential element of keeping in touch and that the best way to get what you want is to keep going.

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"Being prepared is never when you start." - Milo Pierwola

Milo is a professional adventurer.

Let that sink in for a sec.

Through his company, EXP Adventures, Milo's hired to create custom travel adventure experiences. He's most recently traveled to the Yukon Territory and the North Pole.

Oh and before all this he worked as an attorney.

You'll hear Milo discuss how the heck he made this happen for himself, the importance of not backing down from a challenge, and that failure is just another step towards success.

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“You know that feeling of uncertainty? When I feel that, that means I’m doing the right thing.” - Randy Class

Randy is a full-time student, he’s also a musician.

This Wednesday Randy drops his first EP as a solo artist, called Metanoia, produced by his good friend and classmate Jerry Almonte and available for streaming and download on SoundCloud.

You’ll hear Randy discuss his path to making music his main focus, the importance of selective forgetfulness and that to go for what you want you gotta go all in.

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Mathilde, a second year med student, at the Tuileries Garden in Paris(!)

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Bouchra, who just moved to America from Morocco!, on the F Train.

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"The biggest decisions I made in life I've made on these feelings, like 'well I have to, I have to go for it, I have to do these things' and that's what surgery was." - Dr. Shailvi Gupta

Since she was little Shailvi knew she wanted to be a doctor.

What she didn't know was that she would end up wanting to be a surgeon.

Shailvi is now a surgery resident at Highland General Hospital in Oakland and has recently taken time off to get her Master's in Public Health at Johns Hopkins and later this year will be traveling to Nepal and in Africa as part of her desire to work in surgery on a global level.


You'll hear Shailvi discuss her unexpected path of becoming a surgeonthe motivational force of being valuable to others, and that to do what you love, you have to do what you love.

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Sean, a student at Stella Charles Guttman, on the F Train.

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Josh, founder of Peace Loves Pops, at the Grove Street Farmers Market.

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"You have to give your all. Always." - Margot

Since she was 4 years old Margot knew she wanted to be a violinist when she grew up.

Margot is now a professional musician, performing full-time as one half of the DJ-violin duo, The Dolls, alongside DJ Mia Moretti, and is set to release her debut solo project this summer.

You'll hear Margot discuss how she made her way in the music worldthe opportunities that come from being open and that the best way to move forward is to do the best you can do:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Sam, a brand designer, at the Grove Street Starbucks.

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"Back then I saw that this is where I wanted to be - and it's where I went - and now I'm there." - Becca Feld

During and after college Becca had no idea what she wanted to do for her career.

After working four years at a non-profit she still didn't know what she wanted to do.

That all changed when in May 2013, Becca discovered the tech concept, User Experience Design (UX) and fell in love.

Literally four months later, Becca landed a full-time job in UX as she now works as a Digital Optimization Analyst at the Soho-based agency, Maxymiser.

You'll hear Becca discuss her journey from career frustration to no hesitationthe power of networking, and that maybe the most important meetings you can have are the ones with yourself.

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Hannah, a Columbia University grad student, at Shari's birthday party. (Hannah on Twitter:

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"I just want to be valuable." - Paul Jarvis

After college Paul (@pjrvs) worked up the ranks at a web design agency and hit a wall - he wanted out. 

Based in Vancouver Island Canada, Paul now works on his own terms with his own web design business and on top of that makes the time to write and self publish books based on what he loves which happen to sell thousands of copies.

At the time of our interview a few months ago Paul had released his 3rd book, Everything I Know about the entrepreneurial life. This June he'll be releasing his latest book, The Good Creative where he shares "the 18 habits of the world's most respected artists."

On this Skype interview you'll hear Paul discuss his path to creating a business he loves - which involved creating one he hated - the power of saying no, and that what lies outside your comfort zone is what you want:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Andy, the co-founder of Korilla BBQ, at the DUMBO lot. (More info:

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"Stop waiting for someone else to give you opportunities." - Shamikah Martinez

After college Shamikah (@smart_inez) worked as a video producer but through improv got the performance bug and hasn't looked back. After creating viral videos with her YouTube comedy group Candy Slice Shamikah teamed up with friend of the show Molly Austin to create the comedy duo, Emotistyle.

Shamikah's continued to expand her creative palette and has written her own one act play which she's debuting this month at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City and is co-creating a short film with her boyfriend and business partner, Adam Donald (MAD Pictures).

You'll hear Shamikah discuss her path of creative exploration, the power of joint ventures, and that it's less about whether someone will reject you than about how you react when they do:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Everyone, a band/Kean University bio majors, on the 33rd St PATH train. (More info:

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"This is only happening once. You've got this amount of time [on earth] and what do you want to look back and see when you're older?" - Hayden Frank, The Nepotist (bass/vocals)

Originally from Ithaca NY, Chris Frank, a guitar player, spent 10 years trying to get his band IY off the ground which broke up after college.

In 2012 Chris joined forces with his younger brother and bass player Hayden Frank to form The Nepotist...but something was missing.

They wanted to to be a real band.

With the addition of drummer Jacob Colin Cohen this past JanuaryThe Nepotist are now a trio and are releasing their first video EP this spring.

This is also the first episode of Prologue Profiles that features multiple guests at the same time. That's right, the band's all here.

You'll hear The Nepotist discuss their journey to becoming a band, the ups and downs of being a musician and that to get others to believe something about you, you first have to believe it yourself:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Hye-Jeung, a student at The New School, on the WTC PATH train.

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Dave (@drinkicd) just wants to make things.

And he's figured out a way to do just that.

Dave is the co-founder of The City Foundry, an R&D shop based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The City Foundry's primary focus is Industry City Distillery which has found a way to engineer their own beet sugar based vodka, Industry Standard, which is now available in over 120 locations across the country (including Astor Wines).

You'll hear Dave discuss how he engineered his life to match his engineering ambitions, the inspiration of curiosity, and that what you believe you can or cannot do is up to you:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Dillon Treacy, an NYU Steinhardt student, at La Colombe Coffee at West 4th Street.

"The trick always seems to be to switch from being inside your fear and finding something to do - even if it's a small step." - Tirtzah Bassel

Born and raised in Israel, going into college Tirtzah was planning on becoming a social worker.

During a heightened period of terrorism in Israel, Tirtzah took on a new perspective of how she wanted to spend her time on Earth.

Tirtzah now works as a visual artist based in Brooklyn who has developed her own form painting using duck tape and has her New York oil painting exhibit debut opening this week through May 10th at Slag Gallery in Bushwick.

You'll hear Tirtzah discuss her journey to becoming a professional artistthe importance of community, and that the time you spend waiting to be inspired is time you could use to do work you love:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Nikoi, an NYU Gallatin student, on the Journal Square PATH Train.

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"I just made the hard work a blur." - Monroe Martin


Monroe (@MonroeMartinIII) grew up in foster care. He wanted to work in comedy.


Monroe now works full-time as a comedian, performing at colleges across the country and writing for Charlamagne and Friends on MTV2.


You'll hear Monroe discuss his path of continuous comedic improvement, the power of authenticity, and that the way to achieve your goals is to work past them:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Nick, who works for his family's real estate business, on the J train.

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"There is no greater force that I know of than a person who is on a mission." - Tony Bacigalupo

After college Tony got a job and he worked at an office.

He did not like this.

Soon after Tony was working from home.

He did not like this either.

Tony is now the co-founder New Work City - the first dedicated coworking space in New York, which opened its doors in 2008 and in 2010 raised over $17,000 on Kickstarter to help fund their current space at 412 Broadway.

You'll hear Tony discuss his journey into the world of co-working, the power of community and that if you're onto something you care about, your biggest job is to keep going:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Jen, an MFA candidate, on the F train.

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"Since I didn't have a design background I wanted to focus on one thing that I could get really good at." - Lyndsey Butler

After college, Lyndsey reached a fork in the road: law school or fashion.

Lyndsey is now the head of the fashion line, VEDA, which she launched in 2008 with her mentor Yael Aflalo, and specializes in making the perfect leather jacketIn 2013 VEDA launched its flagship store on Mercer Street in Soho.

You'll hear Lyndsey discuss how she got whisked away into the fashion worldthe importance of being chill, and that if you moved your fears to the side, all that would be left is what you want to do:

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Andrew, a college freshman, on the J train.

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"It's not logical to turn down the big private equity salary and start building a non-profit out of your apartment in the East Village. But it's the thing that I knew I had to go do." - Adam Braun 

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Adam (@adambraun) was on the path to working in finance. That all changed when as a junior in college Adam went on a trip to India which instilled in him a desire to help others and make a quality education available on a global scale.

In 2008, two years out of school and with $25 in a business account, Adam launched Pencils of Promisea non-profit that has now helped build over 200 schools in the developing world.

Adam is also releasing his first book, The Promise of a Pencil, published by Scribner and available in hardcover and e-book at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

You'll hear Adam discuss his journey to creating and building Pencils of Promise, the importance (and shortcomings) of passion, and how the one thing holding you back may be your biggest opportunity.

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