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"I was just like, 'If not now, when?'"

Taryn thought she wanted to be a fashion designer, but in college realized it wasn't for her.

While working full-time at Macy's corporate she stumbled upon something that lit her up: Nail art. 

Better known to her 525K+ Tumblr followers as Miss Ladyfinger, Taryn is now a full-time nail art entrepreneur, collaborating with brands such as Maybelline and Seven Jeans.


You'll hear Taryn discuss how she found her fit in the fashion world, the importance of not stopping, and that  if you're wondering when to start...start.

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"Follow one course until success."

John has a podcast. But it's not just any podcast.

John is the creator and host of Entrepreneur on Fire which since its launch in September 2012 has put out a new episode every day - including weekends - and now with its multiple streams of income including e-business he's built on top of his show is bringing in six figures a month in revenue

What? I know.

In this Skype interview you'll hear John discuss his path to podcasting domination, the importance of self-belief, and that if you think success is in your future, it will be.

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"You want to make something and see if anybody else out there gets it."

After college Andrew had no plan for his career and became an IT consultant. But he had dreams of making something he was proud of. 

Andrew is now the co-founder, along with partner Johan Lam, of 3Sixteen, a high end denim and clothing brand that sources its own fabrics from the Kuroki Mill in Japan and which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Andrew and Johan are also the co-owners, along with Kiya Babzani of the New York and LA outposts of Self Edge, a premium menswear boutique.

In this interview conducted at Self Edge New York in the Lower East Side, you'll hear Andrew discuss his path to creating a custom fit career, the importance of strong support and that to get what you want in life, you gotta just go for it.

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"It's not a competition, we can all be successful." - Franchesca Ramsey

After college Franchesca started creating videos on YouTube. Five years later in January 2012 she uploaded a video that changed the trajectory of her career when she added to the Shit Girls Say meme with her own contribution, Shit White Girls Black Girls.

Millions of views later Franchesca, known to many as Chescaleigh, is now a full-time video blogger.

You'll hear a YouTube celebrity discuss her journey from 0 to 10 million views, the importance of following what you love, and that with all you have going for you already, what's there really to be afraid of?

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