Prologue Profiles

Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Callender / Music Agent (@callenderde) / Grove St Stop, Jersey City.

"How are you able to work with such big name artists?"
"Just being on things early, knowing what the trend will be and what people will buy in the future and getting in early and always sticking with it even if it doesn't make money then it'll eventually make money if you follow what you believe in."
"How do you find new music these days?"

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Onterrio / Fashion Designer (@onterrio_m_sanders) / 33 Train, Jersey City.

"What's the biggest challenge you face?"
"Time. Because I actually work two jobs now, so really it's just time, just being able to dedicate a little bit of time to go to the factories and meet and do fittings and things like that, but other than that there are no obstacles in front of me because I believe I can achieve anything, I'm a very determined person so I can achieve I put my mind to."
"Where does that mindset come from?"
"I think it comes from my childhood and watching my mom work hard for us, I have brothers, and so just watching her work hard that's one of the traits I have from her."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Veena / Filmmaker / Newark Train, Jersey City.

"What's keeping you going?"
"In our school [New York Film Academy] they show us these really famous directors and how in the beginning they were really bad and how they're winning Academy Awards right now."
"It gives you hope."
"Yea [Laughs]."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Eddie / College Basketball Player / The Grove St Coffee Shop, Jersey City.

"What's motivating you?"
"My family. As you get older you don't want to see your parents working as hard as you know you can work and I want to provide for my family."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Rob / Business Development / Newark & Grove, Jersey City.

"What's the biggest challenge you face right now?"
"Just not being complacent and giving up, I feel like it's easy to find a job and just settle but the constant challenge is being motivated and continually wanting to strive and do more." 

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Matt / Drummer (Hey Anna Music | Bandcamp) / The Grove St Coffee Shop, Jersey City.

"What's the biggest challenge you face right now?"
"As a band we're dealing with this huge sea of mediocrity that's happening, not in a bad way, it's just that everyone has access to this technology right now so it's like someone can put it out there and flood this marketplace with it, but we're trying to create something that's long-lasting because if all of our influences are someone that actually thought about what they're gonna do and really put it into perspective and make the world a better place."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Brian / Cook at Jean-Georges & Tech Entrepreneur (@brian.bush) / Grove & Newark, Jersey City.

"I was playing french horn for 12 years and I finished music school [at USC and when there were no jobs] I felt like I was a little closed off to new opportunities and new possibilities that I could pursue and so since then food and restaurants entered my life and I just went with that and worked at a couple of the best restaurants in Texas and now one of the best restaurants in New York and in the country, and this opportunity with [our app] Sous, DJ and I, my business partner, we're putting our full effort into that and I think for right now I'm just going with the flow and just exploring opportunities as they come up and wherever that takes me I hope it's somewhere great."

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"My dad always said, 'You have to challenge luck for it to work.' And that's inspired me." - Alex Strohl

During high school Alex (@alexstrohl) got kicked out...which turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to him as it led to his passion for photography.

Alex is now a full-time world traveling photographer with over half a million Instagram followers and collaborates with brands such as Canon and Land Rover for himself and his creative agency, Stay & Wander.

You'll hear Alex discuss his path to photographic freedom, the compass of curiosity, and that to live the life you want you just gotta design it.

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Hannibal / Music Producer (@hann_11) | Bandcamp / Grove & Columbus, Jersey City.

"What are your goals for 2015?"
"More releases, just send the beats out 'cuz I got them sitting on my hard drive and that's stupid."
"What's it gonna take to get those out there?"
"I just need to see them dance."
"And what's your biggest challenge right now that you face."
"They not dancin'."
"And what keeps you going, what 's motivating you?"
"Seeing them dance for everybody else."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Daniel / Music Producer (@generaldirt) (Soundcloud) / Grove & Columbus, Jersey City.

"Do you have a stage name?"
"I go by Uplift aka General Dirt."

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