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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews AJ / Skater & Videographer (Vimeo) / Trader Joe's, 23rd & 6th, NYC.

"How'd you get into skating in the first place?"
"Through Mark Gonzales, The Gonz, the most legendary skater of all time, he changed skating once it collapsed with the marketing industry, he just came out of nowhere and just sparked it and became a legend, he's still skating he's like 50."
"And when was this?"
"I was about 10 years old and it was 2005, I was cruising around with my cousins around Tompkins Square Park, aka known as the TF, short for 'training facility', it's a big open field where we just chill out, zone out and we focus on our tricks and we just do as we please and I was just cruising along Tompkins and I all of a sudden bumped into him and he was like with his quirky voice, 'Hey if you're interested in skating I'm gonna leave my board at Autumn skate shop if you want to pick it up or something, I don't know it's up to you, I don't want this thing it's dead.' [Laughs] And that's just skating right there, that's how you always start off, you preserve, take advantage of what you got and you work your way up."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Gary / Street Artist (@mr_abiLLity)/ Sub-City Junction, Hoboken.

"I work a slaving job at UPS where I lift boxes and do not pursue my dream at all, on the side I pursue my dream, however recently I got injured at work and due to injury I cannot work, so now I think this is the universe's way of saying 'Hey I know you wanted to just settle on life and do bullshit forever but you can't, so if you don't follow those dreams you're going to regret it. Opportunity, I present you.' So I have to, I really don't have any other choice." 

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Chadner / Travel Writer and Culture Magazine Co-Founder (@chadner | / Sub-City Junction, Hoboken.

"Why is it called EIGHTY Magazine?"
"It's named after the bus route, which is the bus that I've been taking for 20 years, [Marinell and I] figured it's a great route because it covers a lot of Jersey City and we want to be that for Jersey City to, we want to be able to cover and write about all sorts of things that are relevant to what it's like to live in Jersey City right now."
"What's motivating you, what's keeping you going?"
"I'm the oldest of 6 kids, I have great siblings and I want to set an example for them."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Marinell / Graphic Designer and Culture Magazine Co-Founder (@marinellllllll | / Sub-City Junction, Hoboken.

"It was when I was leaving my previous startup job, I was doing web and mobile app design for this one startup, and they couldn't pay me anymore so I had to leave so I started EIGHTY Magazine to move all my creative energy to that outlet."
"How were you able to make EIGHTY into a real magazine, how'd you know how to do that?"
"I taught myself how to make a magazine two weeks before we launched it so I think it's just like if you really want to do it you'll do whatever it takes, right?"

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews ChicPeaJC / Culture Blogger (@chicpeajc | ) / Sub-City Junction, Hoboken.

"I was working in the corporate world, I was director of training of tech company, I was there for 7 years, and I felt like I was empty inside, I needed to write, I needed to photograph, I wanted to do fashion [for the blog] mostly and then I decided at the last minute to focus on Jersey City and it blew up."
"What was key to that happening?"
"Being consistent and being real and staying true to myself and being always honest, and also being positive, so I never write about anything negative, there's so much negativity in the world that I wanted my blog to be something really light and uplifting and help people connect with each other in the community." 

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Patty / Children's Book Author (@mspattyg | Website) / Sub-City Junction, Hoboken.

"I was watching my fiancé, Patrick, and our dog, Fenway, interact and play and he was very childlike with the dog and I was like, 'You know, I'm gonna come up with a story about the two of you.' And he dared me to, and next thing I knew I had a manuscript in my hand."
"Wow, and when was this?"
"This was last year, this time last year."
"What else were you doing at the time, were you working?"
"I do, I work in television at MLB network, which is Major League Baseball, I do some editing and scheduling so in that time I found a space to just write this book."
"What was it like writing it?"
"It was fun, I got to go into my imagination as deep as I possibly can and just come up with something I thought a child would like, and I would bounce my idea off of my 7 year old niece and she approved so I went with it."
"How'd you make the time to write a children's book while working?"
"Oh wow I would just have a notebook with me at all times, so on my lunch break, if I was stuck in traffic, I'd be writing, any time an idea would come to my mind I'd jot it down or use my notes on my phone, and then I meshed it all together at night before bed, I spent an hour writing before bed."
"Were there any points along the way where you felt like quitting?"
"Oh absolutely, every time I'd finish a chapter I'd say 'Oh my god this isn't any good, these kids aren't gonna like it and I somehow found the strength to keep going because it was a dream of mine so I said, 'It's now or never, if I don't do it now then I'll probably never do it' And I'm so glad I did."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Norm / Artist (Website) / Columbus & Grove, Jersey City.

"What work are you most proud of?"
"I do a lot of work on fences...mostly without permission."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Tony / Radiology Student & Photographer (Tumblr) / 33rd Train, Jersey City.

"What's the biggest challenge you face right now?"
"Being motivated to do what other people want me to do."
"What is motivating you, what's keeping you going?"
"The future, seeing where I can take myself, I've seen my potential at some point and I want to see how far I can get with that."

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