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"When I think about what's made me successful it's a willingness to say 'Let's try that and see where that goes'." - Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop

After college, Mayor Fulop worked in finance at Goldman Sachs which he then left after 9/11 to join the Marine Corps in Iraq.

In 2004 Mayor Fulop said yes to an opportunity to run for Congress, which he lost. However this sparked in him a passion for public service as he went on to serve for 8 years as a councilman and on May 14 2013 he was elected mayor of Jersey City at the age of 36.

In this interview conducted in city hall you'll hear Mayor Fulop discuss his path to winning mayoral office, the magnetic pull of passion, and that on the other side of uncertainty may just be what you're looking for.

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"Having to pay the bills but not willing to give up the need to be creative will push you harder than you can ever imagine." - Kawehi

After her first year of college in 2002, Kawehi moved to California as a signed artist in a newly formed superbandTwo months in she quit and moved back homeUnable to get any attention with her music going the traditional route and still tied to her contract, Kawehi took a 5 year break from music.

Kawehi then switched it up and with the support of her husband, Paul, created her own path in the music world, successfully supporting her career through crowdfunding on KickstarterShe recently raised over $9,000 to fund her US tour. While growing her fan base Kawehi's also grown her musical ability as she now has incorporated looping and beatboxing into her work.

You'll hear from a musician who has figured out how to be a successfully funded independent artist on how she made it happen and that those fears that you have, they never go what are you gonna do?

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"I love the momentum. It's almost like a drug for me." - Nathaniel Ru

While at college Nathaniel met his future co-founders, Jonathan Nemen and Nicolas Jammet, and the 3 of them wanted to create a destination for healthy eating. In 2007, during their senior year they did just that with their launch of sweetgreen - a healthy fast food eatery in Washington DC.

Six years later sweetgreen now has 20 locations with their most recent expansion in the NoMad hotel in New York City.  Along the way the trio have also created the sweetlife festival which this year had performances from Phoenix and Kendrick Lamar.

You'll hear Nathaniel discuss how they got sweetgreen and sweetlife off the groundhow to overcome having zero customers, and that if you're going into the unknown, that probably means you're on the right track.

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"I'm never going to do something that doesn't matter. I have to be able to reach people and make them feel great about themselves." - Tasha Ong

In lieu of college, Tasha worked for her family's barbecue restaurant in Florida where she discovered her knack for customer serviceTasha took this newfound skill to her next gig at a spa where eventually the clientele started seeking out her styling advice.

Tasha realized the value in her style opinion and in 2007 she left the spa to create her own path as a personal lifestylist with a clientele that pays her to help them look and feel their best.

You'll hear Tasha discuss the many facets to being a lifestylisthow she went from barbecue slinging to boutique shopping, and while you'll always have fears, you'll always have yourself for support.

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"I'm 27 years old and doing what I want to do every day - [it] shouldn't be like that - I should be working for the man. And that thought in the back of my head is my biggest fear and it's also what motivates me to keep being better and do what I do." - Josh Senior

After college Josh struggled to find work in his major of international relations, it was then that he decided to point his career towards his passion for video post production.

Over the next 4 years Josh went from unemployed dreamer, to company employee, to independent freelancer, to the leader of a team of freelancers, to now the founder of Senior Posta digital post production house located in Dumbo Brooklyn with clients such as Vevo, Levi's, and Nike.

You'll hear Josh discuss how he used his passion to drive his careerthe motivating effects of fear, and that success is not a one man band.

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"Nothing mattered to me anymore but what I wanted." - James Dumapit

After several false starts with college and struggling to follow his passion of screenwriting, James was living with his parents in New Jersey and was unsure about his direction in life. 

James switched up his situation when he turned his attention to his hobby - cooking - and created a whole new path for himself.

In 2009 James moved to Austin to attend the Texas Culinary Academy and soon began working at Uchi, a James Beard award-winning Japanese restaurant. Earlier this year James became a junior sous chef at their new restaurant, Uchiko and has had his own items featured on the menu.

In this interview conducted in Austin, you'll hear James discuss his path from career frustration to self-creationthe perils of perfection, and that if there's something you want to do, you should probably go do it.

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"Being afraid is part of the job. If you're not afraid of anything then you're probably not pushing yourself all that hard." - Kathryn Minshew

After college Kathryn worked at McKinsey but she quickly knew management consulting wasn't for her and started looking for something new. Kathryn was frustrated with the available job search tools and realized she wanted to create a career resource of her own.

In September 2010 Kathryn launched her first attempt called PYP with 3 partners including Alex Cavoulacos who she had met at McKinsey. PYP didn't work out and in August 2011 Kathryn, Alex and Melissa McCreery, also from McKinsey, launched The Muse a website that gives you a look into the careers and companies you're curious about.

The Muse now reaches over 1 million users and features video profiles of companies such as Facebook, Gucci and Pinterest.

You'll hear Kathryn discuss how she turned her career confusion into a source of claritythe importance of polite persistence, and that sometimes the best opportunities come from failure.

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"If you don't take the chance you can never reap the benefits." - Justin Bridges

Originally from Atlanta Georgia, after college Justin found himself working in finance at Goldman Sachs in New York.

He soon realized he wanted to follow his passion of photography.

And so he did.

In the fall of 2010, Justin left Goldman, started up his photo blog called Tucked, and landed jobs in the fashion world.

As of this year Justin now works full-time as a photographer shooting for clients such as Giorgio Armani, Steve Madden and GQ.

You'll hear Justin discuss how he went from working behind the desk to behind the camerathe importance of practice, and that the best way to manage your fears it to drop them.

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"Telling someone to 'Follow their passion' can actually get in the way of their goal to end up passionate about what they do ." - Cal Newport

Cal is a student of success.

While in college, Cal wrote his first bookHow To Win At College. It was published by Random House.

For his 4th and latest book, So Good They Can't Ignore You, Cal sets his sights on the working world and claims that the idea of "following your passion" is bad advice.

Meanwhile Cal works full-time as an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown.

On this Skype interview you'll hear Cal discuss how he broke in the writing world, the problem with the passion mindset, and just because you don't love every single minute of what you're doing that doesn't mean you should give up on it.

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"Deep down, if you want something to happen, you can make it happen." - Tracy Weiler

For the past 7 years Tracy has been growing her career as an actress in New York City, landing national commercial gigs and movie roles.

She's now living in LA as she's co-producing her own TV pilot called 'Hot Fail' along with Episode 002 guest Tim Drucker. (Tracy actually played a cheerleader in Tim's off-broadway musical 'Fat Camp'.)

The two successfully funded the pilot on Kickstarter which allowed them to shoot it in LA last month.

You'll hear Tracy discuss her path from landing zero gigs to creating gigs of her ownhow to deal with hearing "nos" at auditions, and that if you believe in yourself, you can't even imagine what you're capable of.

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