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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews David / Language Learning Entrepreneur (@DavidMansaray) / Gatwick Airport, London.

"I was feeling really sad and unhappy with the life I had in London, this was in 2012, and I felt as though I was sort of in a rat race in the sense that all my money was going towards bills and I didn't feel like I was living a life that actually felt fulfilling in any way shape or form so I made the decision to sell all of my belongings and give up my flat and I moved to Spain, I didn't know what my job was going to be I didn't know where I was going to stay, actually I was reading the book 'The Alchemist' and I was about to go down an escalator and I reached a point in the book that said 'The time to start following your dreams is today, not tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.' and it really resonated with me and I got my phone out on the spot and I downloaded an application for EasyJet and I booked my ticket there and I said, 'Ok in 3 months I'm going to Spain and I'm going to figure out everything in between.' and it was really scary, really really scary, that's an understatement, but it changed my life and now it's just normal for me to just go for things."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Antoine / Musician (@antoinekatzbass) / Gatwick Airport, London.

"What are you up to?"
"Going home to New York. I was in Europe touring with a band called Dave Mackay, we've been out for three weeks."
"Where'd you guys go?"
"England, Germany, Switzerland, France, I think that's it."
"What's the biggest challenge you're facing right now?"
"Getting some rest."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Todd / International Relations Student (@therealtoddwaterman) / Gatwick Airport, London.

"My biggest challenge right now is going back to the US [after studying abroad in Spain] because I really don't want to go back right now, I'm not really ready [Laughs], and then adjusting back to the real life and working over the summer's going to be a big adjustment."


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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Felix / Economics Grad Student / Gatwick Airport, London.

"What would you say is your dream?"
"At least solve a small problem from an economist point of view and make people appreciate that outcome and use that result."
"What kind of problems do you want to focus on?"
"I'm especially interested in health and environmental issues, like air pollution and health outcomes on a population and productivity effects."
"Why is air pollution a topic you're particularly focused on?"
"Air pollution is a thing I see in my every day life. In economics I could also focus on financial markets but what I experience in Madrid in every day life is air pollution and its effects, I have friends who have asthma so I realize there are some effects."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Raashid / Tailor (The Hooks Company) / Eastbound Bakerloo Train, London.

"What drew you to clothes in the first place?"
"My father, he's always been a fashionable guy, he loves his Italian suits and British suits and I loved it, I thought it looked cool, so I was like, 'Hey I want to be like my dad', you know? But I never anticipated that I would actually be making the garments."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Dan / Musician (Plastic Barricades | SoundCloud) / Furness & High St., London.

"What's the current project you're working on?"
"We're doing the album, which is quite exciting, it's a debut album with the current lineup. Every next album is a debut album if you change the lineup a lot."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Vincent, The Owl / Rap Artist (@vincenttheowl) / Groove on Grove, Jersey City.

"How'd you get into music in the first place?"
"The first album I ever heard was Coolio's 'Gangsta's Paradise' and I was like, 'Yo, I kinda wanna be Coolio.'"
"Who put that in your hands?"
"My mom! She was like, I'm a big fan of Michelle Pfeiffer.' So Michelle Pfeiffer is my auntie."


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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Anatalie / Beauty Salon Entrepreneur (@TheHairRoomJC) / Groove on Grove, Jersey City.

"When was the moment when you decided to create The Hair Room JC?"
"Well my boyfriend had a lot to do with it - shout out to Steve - it's been on the back of my brain, I've always considered myself a better boss than an employee and I always wanted to have my own salon and I guess through me bitching about it to Steve all the time and he knew Kristina was in the same boat and they'd been friends for awhile and so he was like, 'Why don't y'all sit down and talk to each other you both want to do this?' Because I've tried it on my own and it's just impossible to do something like this on your own and so we sat down and literally every idea and path that we had for the salon was so in parallel with each other that we were like, 'This is going to be an amazing partnership.'"

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Myssi / Dancer & Teacher (Nimbus Dance Works) / Groove on Grove, Jersey City.

"Do you see it as a risk being a dancer?"
"It depends on the perspective that you're coming at it from because yes it is sort of an economic risk, the art form is becoming undervalued and it's getting harder and harder to get people into theaters but that's it, that's so worth it compared to the other things that are held in my life. Money is whatever you know? Who gives a ____ if you're happy?"

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"I'm breaking rules. My company is breaking rules. Even the type of CEO I am - I break rules. I tend to walk in and I look like the intern, or something else, but I'm not, and I'm actually about to blow you away and you're going to be giving me a check or two." - Rodney Williams

Rodney (@rodneybwilliams) was born deaf and started his first business at a young age renting out kids magazines to parents at his mom's hair salon. Rodney has gained his hearing is now the co-founder of LISNR which uses in-audible sound technology to create new ways for brands to interact with  customers and has attracted clients such as Budweiser, Roc Nation and Sony and recently raised $3.5 million in funding.

You''ll hear Rodney discuss his path to building a 22 person team, the confidence that comes from being confident, and that if you're thinking about going after your dreams, stop thinking.

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