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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Patty / Children's Book Author (@mspattyg | Website) / Sub-City Junction, Hoboken.

"I was watching my fiancé, Patrick, and our dog, Fenway, interact and play and he was very childlike with the dog and I was like, 'You know, I'm gonna come up with a story about the two of you.' And he dared me to, and next thing I knew I had a manuscript in my hand."
"Wow, and when was this?"
"This was last year, this time last year."
"What else were you doing at the time, were you working?"
"I do, I work in television at MLB network, which is Major League Baseball, I do some editing and scheduling so in that time I found a space to just write this book."
"What was it like writing it?"
"It was fun, I got to go into my imagination as deep as I possibly can and just come up with something I thought a child would like, and I would bounce my idea off of my 7 year old niece and she approved so I went with it."
"How'd you make the time to write a children's book while working?"
"Oh wow I would just have a notebook with me at all times, so on my lunch break, if I was stuck in traffic, I'd be writing, any time an idea would come to my mind I'd jot it down or use my notes on my phone, and then I meshed it all together at night before bed, I spent an hour writing before bed."
"Were there any points along the way where you felt like quitting?"
"Oh absolutely, every time I'd finish a chapter I'd say 'Oh my god this isn't any good, these kids aren't gonna like it and I somehow found the strength to keep going because it was a dream of mine so I said, 'It's now or never, if I don't do it now then I'll probably never do it' And I'm so glad I did."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Norm / Artist (Website) / Columbus & Grove, Jersey City.

"What work are you most proud of?"
"I do a lot of work on fences...mostly without permission."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Tony / Radiology Student & Photographer (Tumblr) / 33rd Train, Jersey City.

"What's the biggest challenge you face right now?"
"Being motivated to do what other people want me to do."
"What is motivating you, what's keeping you going?"
"The future, seeing where I can take myself, I've seen my potential at some point and I want to see how far I can get with that."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Hantz / Marketing Specialist at Google (@HantzFevry) / Bryant Park, NYC.

"What's driving motivating you, what's keeping you going?"
"The fact that I want to accomplish something, that I want to move forward and be successful."
"Where does that drive come from?"
"From the inspiration I got from my mom. I grew up in Haiti, a country where you see not only poverty but misery, which is completely worse, and I saw mom working every day to make the impossible possible, so in Haiti you'll face a lot of challenges and I never saw my mom stopping and say, 'Ok it's too difficult I have to stop.' No, she always continued to work and face every challenge and continue to move forward, so I'm saying, 'Ok if she did that I can also do great.'"

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Neal / Web Marketing Product Designer (Bounce Exchange) / Bryant Park, NYC.

"I hated [working in finance]. It was the worst. Really long hours, it wasn't very fulfilling, I didn't care for it and I didn't like a good portion of the people I worked with. I was always looking for a way out."
"So how'd that play out?"
"I thought about staying in finance in a different capacity but ultimately I found that I wanted to go out there and venture on my own and do the startup thing. I think I'm more of a person that likes a little bit of an unstructured environment where I get to make a lot of decisions."
"When was the moment you decided to leave your finance job?"
"It was on a trip that I took to Africa, in 2012, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro [Laughs] and I realize that I never had spent so much effort into a singular goal as I did to climb that mountain and if I had the ability to work that hard and I wasn't doing it at my career than I should be doing something else. I quit three days after I got back."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Joka / Hip-hop Artist (@therealjoka | SoundCloud) / 28th & 6th, NYC.

"My uncles they played guitar and piano and they taught us lessons and I grew up in the hip-hop era and Jay-Z was a huge influence on me and just one day I was kidding around and me and my cousins were joking and I was like, 'You know what? I'm gonna start doing this.' Because my mother used to write and I used to write with her and so the writing just came and I was just writing and doing poetry but just putting it to a beat and since 3rd grade I've been writing ever since."
"What kind of poems were you writing back then?"
"Just love poems [Laughs]. And then it started in 4th grade where I started talking about girls and like whatever I was going through at the time."
"Yea [Laughs]."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Oliver / Music Media Producer (@oc325) / Gatwick Airport, London.

"I was in accounting for 5 years and then I've always had music as something I did on the side and I always wanted to make that transition and get into music somehow."
"So you left the accounting world to go to Berklee School of Music?"
"Yea I think for good because I needed some kind of segue so I chose this option a year ago and here I am now."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Kyle / Hair Image Designer at (@dirosahaircare) / Gatwick Airport, London.

"I ended up getting left back in high school and [hair care] was pretty much the only outlet I had to really do anything and I just got really into it and I became really good at it."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Luke / Videographer (@lukeisomnipotent) / Gatwick Airport, London.

"It was just a breaking point where I couldn't stand my job anymore, but I had wanted to leave months and then it was like, 'What's the worst that's gonna happen? I can find another one of these jobs if it doesn't work out, and if it does work out I'm going to be way happier."
"When was this?"
"Two months ago."

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Dan takes his mic to the streets and interviews Sandra / Neurosurgical Nurse / Gatwick Airport, London.

"I wasn't thinking about any career path. I was just enjoying traveling and living a very free life. And on my travels I was ill myself and the nurses in the hospital that I had surgery they made a huge impact."
"What was going through your mind when you were experiencing the help from the nurses?"
"It just felt very safe and loving and it was just very nice, and I thought it would just be so nice to be able to pass that forward."

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